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Me Amsterdam:
A wide range of Consultancy Services based on our specific knowledge and broad experience

Me Amsterdam supports museums, heritage institutions and their governing bodies to realize their plans and to improve their performance. Our clients benefit from our specific knowledge and broad experience and our fresh, analytical and objective approach to any problem or request.

We offer a wide range of services like research and advice concerning strategic planning, museum planning, development, revitalization, feasibility studies, marketing, mergers and new business models.

Of course our research, recommendations and solutions are custom made. Therefore we pay great attention to the start of a consultation process. The first stage of the cooperation is crucial for us: it helps us to understand our clients expectations, desires and the underlying ideas and ideals. Only when we feel ourselves the right partner for the job (and this feeling is mutual) we provide you with a written propsal, including a planning scheme and clear insight in the costs. If the client agrees on the plan of action and conditions, the process starts.

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