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Fees & tenders


TiMe Amsterdam's pricing is based on an hourly rate or a fixed fee. In addition, VAT, travel and expenses are charged. TiMe Amsterdam uses differential hourly rates for commercial and nonprofit clients. As an indication, depending on the length and complexity of the clients request,
TiMe Amsterdam rates from € 65.00 (for support / office work) to € 175.00 (commercial senior consultant rate).

For cultural clients (non profit and public organizations) we offer a special rate of around € 125.00 per hour (commercial senior consultant rate).

Fees mentioned above are excl. 21% VAT.

More information about the current hourly rates is available upon request.


TiMe Amsterdam offers simple and transparent proposals (tenders).
The question of the potential client will be summarized and translated into a concise plan. Each offer provides insight into the expected number of hours, the hourly rate, the lead time(s) and a concrete proposal on the nature and form of the results to be delivered.

Terms and Conditions

TiMe Amsterdam uses general delivery terms that apply to all proposals and agreements. The conditions are registered with the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam and on demand digital or in print available.

Bank account number:
623289237 (ABN Amro Amsterdam, attn. Timmer & Meijer VOF)

IBAN (International Bank Account Number) number:

VAT number:

VAR numbers:
VAR/0146/099459073/10 (Timmer) & VAR/0146/112777867/5 (Meijer)